I still believe there is something sacred about looking someone in the eyes and sharing your story, something that can never be communicated through the written word.  Let’s put aside the text messages and meaningless emojis, and let’s have a conversation. Let’s share our stories and not just the ones make a good Instagram image.

I don’t believe a single part of my story has been an accident. The hard pieces that have touched me have passed through the hands of a sovereign God. Like sand running between our fingers, He allowed hurt to fall down upon me, but He will turn my weeping into dancing.

One day.

That’s easy to type on blank screen. My heart knows it to be true, but it’s not always easy to live. In fact, it’s pretty exhausting. It’s hard to wait for one day, but God has taught me the beauty in living a life that I didn’t plan. I’ve found such joy in celebrating in the middle of the hard places, and my heart delights in helping others recognize the moments that are worth celebrating.

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